Join our LIS family!

As the number of students increases, so has the demand for our visionary mission. This demand for nurturing and qualified faculty members. Please reach us if you are interested in joining our team as hands and feet of Jesus in the land of Cambodia. Please reach us for more details – we hope to hear from you soon! 

free housing

Teachers are provided with Free housing on LIS campus 4th floor.

30 paid holidays

There are more than 30 days of Cambodian National Holidays that teachers will enjoy. During this time most of our teachers like to travel to the islands or have a relaxing time at the beach.

free lunch at school

From Monday-Friday (on school days), LIS staff members are provided with free lunch.

Severance PAy

We give LIS staff 5% severance pay

work permit and visa

Work permit and visa worth $300 are provided to all LIS Staff members.

plane ticket

Valid for a minimum two-year contract, staff will receive a ticket reimbursement after completing two years.

health insurance

LIS provides Health insurance to all of our staff members.

18 paid vacation/sick days

18 days of paid vacation, sick, or personal days are given to each staff member per year.